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Fix your gut health – go nuts!

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Navigating the world of health and nutrition is a tricky one: Fat is good? Fat is bad? Sugar will kill you? Should I try the ketogenic diet? Plant-based is the way forward, right? Should I count my macros? It’s understandable that you’re confused. Even health professionals can’t agree on basic concepts of nutrition, such as…

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Donation Day, fun day!

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Every year in December we hold our annual Donation Day, where our staff, customers and local community members come and help us sort and package all the remaining stock we had left from the previous year’s harvest. Since we only sell New Crop products from the current harvest, one way for us to ensure nothing… Read more »

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Behind the scenes at Rancho Vignola’s warehouse

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We’re smack dab in the middle of our busy season here at Rancho Vignola. The majority of our products have been harvested, cleaned, processed, shipped to us and packaged by our exemplary crew. Now the Best of the New Crop is being shipped out, reaching people across Canada!

Proudly supporting Project Chef in the community

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As you probably are aware, at Rancho Vignola we believe in delivering the best fresh-from-harvest new crop nuts, seeds and dried fruit that you can find anywhere. What you may not realize is that we also believe in giving back to the community.

New must-try products for 2019

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With wholesale ordering starting today we are thrilled to highlight some new additions and changes to our product list this year! Of particular interest is the almond flour that’s perfect for baking.

Crop news: harvest season has begun!

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It’s that time of year again! With the fall harvest right around the corner, we have some crop news updates for you on hazelnuts, pistachios and a variety of fruit. Keep reading for full details.