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Fix your gut health – go nuts!

Navigating the world of health and nutrition is a tricky one: Fat is good? Fat is bad? Sugar will kill you? Should I try the ketogenic diet? Plant-based is the way forward, right? Should I count my macros? It’s understandable that you’re confused. Even health professionals can’t agree on basic concepts of nutrition, such as… Read more...

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At Rancho Vignola, you can taste the difference freshness makes
Our nuts, seeds and dried fruit are unlike anything that you can find in the grocery store. We are able to offer this incredible quality because we partner with farmers all around the globe who send us their products direct from harvest.
proudly Canadian
Free Shipping Over $100

Orders of more than $100 are shipped free of charge on our regular shipping routes across central Canada to a location near you.

proudly Canadian
Proudly Canadian

Rancho Vignola has been bringing in the “Best of the New Crop” to our warehouse in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia since 1980.

farm to community
Farm to Community

We travel far and wide, visiting farmers and processors, establishing positive relationships with the people who grow our food.

Explore our products:
Every year we deliver over 500,000 pounds of nuts to Canadians coast to coast!

Why customers love Rancho Vignola:

New Crop Products

All of our products are new crop – what does that mean? It’s our commitment to only offering products from this season’s harvest. Unfortunately, when you buy similar products from the grocery store they may be sitting in a warehouse for a year or more. By choosing Rancho Vignola you can be guaranteed both quality and freshness.

Farmers as Partners

We have been in business for almost 40 years, and over that time we have built relationships with farmers all around the world. These long-standing relationships are what allow us to deliver the best quality product to you. You can also rest assured that our products are ethically sourced and the farmers are paid a fair wage for their work.

Highest Grade and Size Available

Not only are our products fresh, they are also the best grade available. That means they will be large in size, dry, clean and generally free from all types of damage, so you won’t be discarding anything left at the bottom of the bag. This higher grade does cost us more, but we 100% believe the quality is worth it.

How it works:
Given that we sell direct from harvest we do things a little differently. Here are the three ways that you can order from us:
Online in Bulk in September

Many of our customers love to stock up on our products at our best prices of the season, so they will pre-order from us in September. There is a minimum of $500 required to place an order and shipping is always free. Consider buying with friends to get these great bulk discounts.

In Person in November

If you are fortunate to live near one of our community Harvest Sales offered in select cities in British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba then you will have the opportunity to taste the Rancho Vignola difference. These two-day events held in November are a great opportunity to purchase a variety of products.

Online from December to May

For those who wish to purchase smaller quantities or to purchase more frequently, we offer online ordering from December to May with free shipping on all orders over $100. Many of our customers also love to stock up in early December, as our products make great stocking stuffers and gifts for the holidays.

Steve Gunner, 5 stars

Rancho Vignola has been supplying our family and friends with superior quality dried fruit and fresh harvest nuts for over 20 years. Our taste buds have been completely spoilt for anything inferior. I store almost everything in a dedicated freezer so that we enjoy Rancho quality year round. I mostly buy full cases and continue to introduce friends and colleagues to Rancho Vignola.

Stephanie Leithead, 5 stars

My family has been ordering from Rancho Vignola for the last three years and have never received anything but high-quality products. Nuts and seeds are so fresh you never realized they could taste so good! Strongly recommend trying the organic cranberries, 70% chocolate and Incan berries (once you've had those you never go back). Worth paying a couple of extra bucks for sure for these goodies.

Heather McDougall, 5 stars

I have been purchasing raw organic fruit and nuts from Rancho Vignola for over five years and confirm that their products are top-notch. If you are looking for fresh-picked organic products delivered directly to your door this is the company. Fresh-picked is very different from bulk products from grocery/health food shops that are often not stored properly.

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